Full Time Prices

(Prices valid until July 2020)

Full Time0 - 2 Years2 - 3 Years3 -5 Years
9am to 4pm£240£230£220
9am to 6pm£260£250£240
7.30am to 4pm£240£230£220
7.30am to 6pm£270£260£250
Sessions0 - 2 Years2 - 3 Years3 -5 Years
9am to 12pm£22£21£20
9am to 1pm£28£27£26
1pm to 4pm£22£21£20
7.30am to 12pm£31£30£29
7.30am to 1pm£36£35£34
1pm to 6pm£34£33£32
9am to 4pm£50£49£48
7.30am to 4pm£54£52£50
9am to 6pm£58£56£54
7.30am to 6pm£60£58£56
8.30am to 4pm£49
 0 - 2 Years2 - 3 Years3 -5 Years
Dinner Hour
Between 12pm and 1pm
Tea Time
Between 4pm & 6pm
Includes cooked meal
Early Session
Between 7.30am & 9am.
Breakfast is served until 8:15am.

Fees are paid a month in advance and must be received before the last working day of the month.

A 10% discount will be given to the older sibling when 2 or more siblings attend the same sessions.


We are eligible providers for the nursery Education Grant for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

We also accept Childcare vouchers.

Please ask for more details.