Our baby room caters for children from 3 months to 2 years, the unit caters exclusively for the needs of our youngest attendees, providing a safe, nurturing environment which babies can thrive and develop at every stage.  Our caring staff work closely with you to arrange your child’s daily routine to ensure continuity of care.

Our aim is to provide a home from home environment where your child will enjoy lots of love and cuddles from qualified nursery nurses. This well-equipped environment is arranged to meet every individual need of your child.

An ongoing record of progress is kept as your baby grows and develops. This is done through iconnect aswell as being put into a file for you to take home. You will be able to download the parentzone app and receive photographs and updates on a daily basis.

Our wide range of stimulating toys and activities will encourage all stages of development during these formative years, and fresh air and exercise will be provided during outdoor play in the units playground area or during walks in the local environment.

The room incorporates several areas. These include a comfy cosy area, an imaginary area, a sensory and exploratory area and an area for physical development. These areas help the child to develop their skills at their own pace.

We also have a separate baby  area that we use for our younger, non-mobile babies to give them chance to explore and play safely.

Our bedroom is also a separate room with twelve individual cots. A member of staff stays in the bedroom at all times which allows babies to sleep as and when they need to.

Babies are assigned a key worker who is responsible for the child’s basic and emotional needs e.g. nappy changing, feeding and comforting. This helps the child to settle and feel calm and comforted whilst in our care.

When your child is ready to move into the next room their key-worker will accompany him or her on visits to ensure a smooth transition.

Our babies also have weekly visits from Hartbeeps and Bilinguasing.
We also enjoy Baby Yoga with our trained staff.